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Our Mission As Attorneys

We are a sexual harassment and race discrimination Kansas City law firm.  We work with attorneys and lawyers to civilly prosecute sexual harassment and race discrimination on behalf of workers.  We also civilly prosecute other forms of discrimination, harassment and retaliation.

Corporations must follow the rules, just like everyone else.  Our firm civilly prosecutes Corporations that violate the rules which cause harms and losses to employees.

We represent employees who have been harmed through discrimination, harassment and retaliation.  We also represent employees who were fired for “blowing the whistle” on law breaking.  We also represent employees who were not paid overtime.

Our firm takes our responsibilities very seriously.  Every day we represent employees at all stages of litigation from pre-lawsuit investigation through trial through appeal.

While we understand most civil prosecutions are resolved before trial, our philosophy is to prepare each case from day one as though we will reach a jury.  This is the only way Corporations will take your claims seriously.

In fact, our firm is one of a small number of firms in Missouri that has tried multiple state court jury trials to verdict involving discrimination, harassment and retaliation.  This means Corporations of all size know we will take them to task for violating the rules and we won’t back down just because the going gets tough.

We also routinely team up with another firm in our office suite.  Our two firms combined have tried many jury trials in the state of Missouri involving discrimination, harassment and retaliation in Missouri state court.

If you have suffered sexual harassment, race discrimination, other discrimination, harassment or retaliation, or have been mistreated at work in other ways, we welcome you to call our law firm at 1-800-578-4357 (HELP).  There is absolutely NO charge for calling us.